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Our Mission

"To promote quality evangelical theological education in Africa by providing supporting services, facilitating academic recognition, andfostering continental and inter-continental cooperation."

Our Vision

 Empowered African theological institutions offering quality programmes                                                         Our Motto: "Serving theological education in Africa for excellence and renewal"

 Welcome to the ACTEA Website !!!

It is with great delight that we warmly welcome you to this official website of ACTEA -" The Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa" (formerly, 'Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa').

ACTEA primarily exists to offer accreditation and network & support services for theological education across the African continent. The central purpose of ACTEA is to assist evangelical theological institutions throughout Africa in their quest for excellence and renewal in their institutional operations and provision of quality educational programmes.

In this website you will find a host of vital information highlighting important facts about ACTEA with regard to its history and its mission; its leadership and its accreditation, networking and support services; its partners and its stakeholders; as well as other organizational information which would help you, our reader, to engage and partner with ACTEA in its primary mandate of strengthening, renewing, and ensuring quality standards in Christian theological institutions in Africa!


Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Chemengich

ACTEA Executive Director