The following are the people who lead and manage ACTEA organizational activities and services at the governance and management levels as well as a team of Advisory Council members: 

(1) The Governance Team/Executive Committee Officials:

The following are the officials of ACTEA's Executive Committee:

Dr. Desta Heliso   Ethiopia
Vice-Chairman:  Dr. Emiola Nihinlola Nigeria
Treasurer:  Dr. David Ngaruiya Kenya
Secretary: Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Chemengich Kenya

Prof. David Ngaruiya 

Francois Ngoumape


Central African Republic


(2) The Management Team /Staff  Members:

The following are ACTEA's Management Staff members:

Executive Director:
Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Chemengich  
Deputy Executive Director:   Dr. Rich Stuebing
Executive Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Florence Kagwamba  
Finance Officer (Part-Time): Mrs. Eunice Njuguna
Accreditation Officer:   Pst. Mateso Akou 
Networking Officer:    Dr. Dwight Singer


(3) The Advisory Council Members:

The following are members of ACTEA's Advisory Council:

1. Dr. Paul Bowers USA
2. Rev. Joe Simfukwe Zambia  
3. Dr. Tite Tiénou  Burkina Faso
4. Prof. Jurgen Hendriks South Africa
5. Dr. Paul Sanders   France
6. Scott Cunningham USA