The following are the people who lead and manage ACTEA organizational activities and services at the governance and management levels as well as a team of Advisory Council members: 

(1) The Governance Team/Executive Committee Officials:

The following are the officials of ACTEA's Executive Committee:

Dr. Desta Heliso   Ethiopia
Vice-Chairman:  Dr. Emiola Nihinlola Nigeria
Treasurer:  Dr. Benjamin Mutisya Kenya
Secretary: Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Chemengich Kenya
Dr. Samuel Kargbo 
Dr. Ray Motsi 
Dr. Nupanga Weanzana 
Dr. Semeon Mulatu 
Rev. Avelino Rafael 
Dr. Aiah Foday 


Sierra Leone (Representative, West Africa region)

Zimbabwe (Representative, Southern African region)


Central African Republic (Representative, Francophone region)

Ethiopia (Representative, East Africa region)

Angola (Representative, Lusophone region)

AEA General Secretary (Ex Officio)


(2) The Management Team /Staff  Members:

The following are ACTEA's Management Staff members:

Executive Director:
Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Chemengich  
Deputy Executive Director:   Dr. Rich Stuebing
Executive Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Florence Kagwamba  
Finance Officer (Part-Time): Mrs. Eunice Njuguna
Accreditation Officer:   Pst. Mateso Akou 
Networking Officer:    Dr. Dwight Singer


(3) The Advisory Council Members:

The following are members of ACTEA's Advisory Council:

1. Dr. Paul Bowers USA
2. Rev. Joe Simfukwe Zambia  
3. Dr. Tite Tiénou  Burkina Faso
4. Prof. Jurgen Hendriks South Africa
5. Dr. Paul Sanders   France
6. Scott Cunningham USA